Trusted Senior Home Care Cincinnati

The State of Ohio does not require a license to operate a non-medical senior home care agency in Cincinnati. As crazy as it sounds you can start a senior home care agency in Cincinnati in the morning, hire your first employee by lunch and send them into a senior’s home that afternoon. No one will check to see if you have fingerprinted the employee per state law, if you have verified that the employee has any experience or if you have any liability insurance. All of the checking is left up to the potential client who is all stressed out because the hospital just told them that their parent is going to be released and needs home care.

Finding Senior Home Care in Cincinnati that you can Trust is left up to you!

It is a State Law with the Ohio Department of Health that every employee of a senior home care agency in Ohio must be fingerprinted and those impressions must be sent to the Bureau of Criminal Investigations in Columbus before the employee can be put to work. Strangely though, the agency can send the employee into your home but according to the state law has 60 days to get the report and see the results. If the employee has a theft felony on their record, neither you nor the agency knows until they get the report. Obviously this Ohio State Law does not protect the consumer.

A Caring Choice has been providing Trusted Senior Home Care in Cincinnati for 14 years and NO ONE is hired until the Fingerprinting Report is received.

We are one of the few agencies in the city that operate this way and we won’t change. It is extremely important to check this out for yourself when talking to any other senior home care agency in Cincinnati.

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