Senior Home Care Safety Cincinnati

In Cincinnati a trCome Home wo white textaumatic incident, a senior falling for example, changes the lives of all involved. You’re looking forward to coming home after being hospitalized but it can be very challenging. Senior home care safety in Cincinnati is very important and needs to be constantly monitored.

Each year, more than one out of every three seniors in America and in Cincinnati seek some sort of medical help due to a fall. Other incidents such as a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) can lead to a fall and put your loved one in the hospital as well. Treating a UTI requires proper medication  and  which will lead to Senior Home Care Safety.

Your return home will be exciting but must be carefully coordinated to prevent any further traumatic experiences.

Is the Home Safe for the Senior in Cincinnati? Some Items to Consider:

  • Is the home well lit especially where the senior will be walking?
  • Throw rugs can often impede a walker. Can the rugs be removed or the edges taped down to prevent a fall?
  • Does the Senior need grab bars installed so that they can safely ambulate around the house?
  • Are emergency phone numbers displayed near the telephone so that they can be easily and quickly seen when needed?
  • Is a flashlight available in the case of a power failure?


Questions about the Home Care Safety of the Cincinnati Senior need to be answered:

  • Do I need to wear a personal emergency alarm
  • Do I get occasionally disoriented or lose my balance resulting in a risk of falling
  • Do I need a cane, walker or wheelchair
  • Do I often feel weakness in my body
  • Am I suffering from incontinence issues
  • Can I manage my own medications
  • Am I taking medications that may impair thought process, cause vertigo, lower blood pressure or cause central nervous system alterations
  • Can I manage my own nutrition
  • Can family and friends help me
  • Do I need outside help

A Caring Choice offers a complete no cost in-home Assessment to help you determine if you will need outside help.    Call: (513) 574-4148

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