Safety at Home for Cincinnati Seniors

  • Our Care Managers and Office Staff at A Caring Choice have gone through similar situations with their parents.
  • We understand your situation not only because of our experience with our clients but because we have lived through the same challenges with our own parents.
  • We are in our 14th year of helping families just like yours.

Cincinnati Senior Care Issues that should raise concern:

  • Is Falling or the Fear of Falling a safety concern? It is well documented that the leading cause of seniors, not only in Cincinnati but everywhere, ending up in the hospital is due to falls.
  • Is Cooking difficult due to Poor Eye Site? Often seniors quit eating healthy foods because preparing them has become too difficult. This results in poor nutrition, obesity, poor health and can lead to unnecessary hospital stays.
  • Are the relationships between Adult Children T2 green tahoma 11and Parents becoming difficult due to the changes in one’s mental health? It can be very frustrating to try and communicate with someone who is struggling with dementia or some other form of mental impairment.
  • Is Personal Hygiene suffering due to the difficulty of getting in and out of the bathtub? Falls happen quite often in the bathroom; there is limited space and nobody prefers any help when they always use to be able to care for themselves when they were totally independent.
  • Is getting dressed in the morning taking a lot of time and causing frustration? Dressing ourselves is something we always took for granted. It is very frustrating when just getting dressed becomes difficult.
  • Are struggles with everyday activities causing stress and anxiety? As our parents age, we as children sometimes don’t understand why everyday activities are so difficult or take so long.
  • Is living at home alone leading to an unsafe and frustrating situation? Maybe help is needed from family and friends. But are they available?

A Caring Choice provides Trusted Senior Home Care Services in Cincinnati that include:

  • Personal Hygiene Assistance
  • Housekeeping and Laundry
  • Incontinence Care & Toileting
  • Medication Reminders

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