Polypharmacy Adverse Drug Reactions and Interactions

Polypharmacy is the use of four or more medications by a patient, generally seen in adults over 65 years of age. Concerns about polypharmacy include increased adverse drug reactions and interactions. Prescribed medications can interfere with each other and potentially cause problems.  Adverse Drug Reactions and Interactions can result in a traumatic incident, a fall, hospitalization or spending the rest of your or your loved ones life in a nursing home.

At Risk Clients Using Polypharmacy Can Now Be Identified

A Caring Choice is now offering a program that evaluates potential drug side effects. If you are using Polypharmacy and you are a client, the program is free of charge for every client that wants to enroll. How does this new program that evaluates the effects of Polypharmacy, adverse drug reactions and adverse drug interactions work?

  • All medications and their doses are enteredPolypharmacy into an evaluation program.
  • Clinical Characteristics are entered including
    • Demographic
    • Lifestyle
    • Medical Conditions
  • Potential problems are identified with a red “X”
  • Instructions regarding additional action that should be taken on behalf of the patient are included
  • A green “check” indicates no significant problems
  • Medications typically considered unsafe with a client’s clinical information are identified
  • The client is notified that they may be at risk for more serious side effects related to the client’s medications and clinical characteristics
  • A report is generated that can be taken to your doctor or pharmacist
  • An App creates “Your Personalized List” of potential drug side effects due to your medications

Have Potentially Harmful Interactions due to the use of Polypharmacy Evaluated:

After entering you or your loved one in the program, all individuals can be made aware of potential drug side effects, adverse drug reactions and adverse drug interactions from your medications. Whether they be family or others, all can start watching for you.

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